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The Original Salesforce CPQ Momentum Maker


Unlock certainty and drive measurable CPQ success with Badal's CPQ Momentum Maker process.

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CPQ Momentum Maker

What is CPQ Momentum Maker?

Whether you're ready to dive into Salesforce CPQ or still exploring its potential impact on your business, choosing the right consulting partner is crucial. Unlike other Salesforce projects, CPQ is a unique challenge, heavily reliant on data. To ensure success, you need a partner experienced in navigating the complexities of CPQ implementations. Unfortunately, CPQ projects often stretch timelines provided by consulting partners, and finding the right partner becomes more critical. To address this, we offer our CPQ Momentum Maker.

What Does Our CPQ Momentum Maker Include?

Our CPQ Momentum Maker process is designed to create a CPQ MVP (minimum viable product) tailored to your needs. At a set price of £5,000, CPQ Momentum Maker will deliver:

  • Five bundle products (with three levels)

  • Implementation of bundle pricing using out-of-the-box functionality

  • Implementation of the opportunity-to-quote process

  • A simple quote template with product lines and pricing

We spend time upfront to truly understand your business requirements for CPQ to meet your quoting goals. We identify current and future challenges in your Salesforce environment, roadblocks, and risks that have the potential to slow your quoting process.

We'll build the CPQ MVP to give you an opportunity to engage with Badal and observe our working process before making a long-term commitment. Additionally, this MVP serves as a demonstration of CPQ to stakeholders, justifying the investment in developing a comprehensive and feature-rich CPQ solution. We will also outline what we can offer to help you upgrade and improve CPQ to unlock its full potential.

This offer stems from our firsthand experience working with high-growth SaaS companies, ensuring CPQ aligns with your business goals. Based on the results of your CPQ Momentum Maker experience, you will have the trust in Badal to partner with us to help you execute our recommendations to optimize CPQ beyond an MVP.

We're eager to learn more about your business and explore how our CPQ Momentum Maker process can elevate your sales process.

Results that Speak for Themselves

What Our Clients Say

“Without a doubt, Badal stands out as the best Salesforce consulting partner we have worked with. Whether you're navigating a new CPQ implementation or need a comprehensive evaluation and redesign of an existing product, Badal is the ideal choice. No CPQ project is too big or too modest for them, and they consistently treat you with respect, ensuring a positive experience no matter the complexity of your project."
RevOps Manager, High-Growth SaaS Company

Our CPQ Momentum Maker Process






We deep dive into your business goals and pain points for Salesforce, so we can build the CPQ you need.

We explore your data and tech stack to understand the requirments for an MVP CPQ project, and outline what this will look like.

We build a minimum viable CPQ product within your Salesforce instance, enabling you to understand the value of CPQ for your organization.

We take you through the CPQ build, present the current roadblocks to further success, and propose a roadmap to success.

Ready to get started?


Reach out to speak with one of our certified Salesforce experts and learn how your organisation can unlock the true potential of Salesforce.

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