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Reduce the Complexity of Your Billing Process

Do you already have CPQ but are looking at how to automate the invoicing process or to reduce the complexity and time of admin work from a closed opportunity to cash?

Salesforce billing is an add-on tool for CPQ and addresses business issues such as:

  1. Billing complexity: Billing can be complex and time-consuming for companies with multiple revenue streams or subscription-based models. Salesforce Billing provides a single platform for managing invoices and payments.

  2. Revenue recognition: Revenue recognition can be a challenge, particularly for businesses that offer long-term contracts or recurring revenue models. Salesforce Billing reduces the chance of manual errors from clerical admin tasks.

  3. Inefficient billing processes: Manual billing processes can be time-consuming and error-prone, resulting in delayed payments and frustrated customers. Salesforce Billing automates the billing process, reducing the risk of errors and delays, and improving customer satisfaction.

  4. Poor visibility into billing data: Without a central platform for managing invoices and payments, it can be challenging to gain visibility into billing data. Salesforce Billing provides a single source of truth for billing data and improves transparency of customer behaviour on an account by account basis.

How does Salesforce CPQ and Salesforce Billing work together?

The intersection of the 2 products is the order object. An order represents a signed and typically closed opportunity on an account. The order record in Salesforce CPQ leads to a contract and allows control of future sales for the purpose of amendments and renewals. An order record is created in an inactivated status, which allows users to provision before activating and billing, allowing a greater degree of control and define definitions of done, fine-tuning the hand off between Sales and Finance.

How can you control the process?

The order record is linked to an order product, which represents the products the customer has purchased. The order products can be billed individually or as a group. When billing as a group, this is determined by rules you lookup to on a product – this determines whether to create; invoice lines, revenue schedules and whether to calculate tax.

Salesforce billing helps you track your customer interactions from lead to cash as accurately as possible. To ensure you get the most out of you platform you want an implementation partner as powerful as the tool you choose.

About Badal

Badal is a leading Salesforce consultancy company and trusted technology partner to organisations of all sizes across the private, public and charity sectors. Our team of certified Salesforce experts are dedicated to addressing problems that no one else can by building powerful solutions that help our partners maximise the potential of their Salesforce investment and drive growth, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. To unlock the true potential of Salesforce, speak with us at

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