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  • Sham Ahmed

Launching a CPQ project

Launching an IT project requires you to know the game's rules before starting. The game's rules dictate the objective, who the players are, what moves should be made, and how you know you're playing the game correctly. An IT project such as Salesforce CPQ requires those rules to be laid down so every person introduced to the project knows what to expect and how their role contributes to the project's success.

We believe at Badal that a governance structure and a program overview are vital to the success of a CPQ project, as the project's launch will determine the state of play for the rest of the program. CPQ is more than just a typical IT project; it requires thorough input from all stakeholders, including sales. So, download our PDF slides for an excellent template example of what a kick-off presentation should include for your Salesforce CPQ project.

Program Overview
Download PDF • 752KB

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