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  • Sham Ahmed

Diary of a Salesforce Consultant - Challenging Requirements

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

This blog post is new for us here at Badal. We want to share our learning, our thinking, our challenges we face when creating solutions that work for our customers, not only in the now but for the future too. We will go over scenarios we have faced in the past, the present and stories we have heard from other Salesforce professionals in the hope that we can all learn and improve the way we work with technology.


I have a client that would like to implement multi-currencies per single CPQ quote. Meaning they want to add products that have a different currency to each other. Rather then going into what the solution could look like. I want to go through my though process on how I would challenge this requirement, not only does it help create well defined user stories but it also helps weed what is a 'must have' requirement and a 'nice to have'.

Salesforce CPQ supports single currency per quote. Based on your quote selection, the pricing is pulled through from the price book currency, related to any products that match your filter criteria. As creating a quote that supports products with multiple currencies is not out of the box, something custom would have to be built.

This brings us some of the questions/concerns I would have approaching this scenario.

1) What percentage of transactions would go through CPQ quotes using multi-currencies per quote?

2)If it's low volume, are the quotes high value?

3)If it's low volume, what would the process look like using multiple opportunities/multiple quotes for the different currencies? As this would keep the solution within the standard CPQ functionality.

4) What should the customer see on the document(s)?

5) If you can have a quote with multiple currencies, what would the downstream process look like?

6) What currencies can be sold together/not sold together?

7) What would need to reported on?

8)What users would create these multi currency quotes?

After asking some of these question what I would want to be clear on at the high level is; what type of user would be involved in the process, what objects would be impacted downstream, any impact on the renewal/amendments process and the value this would bring if something would need to be customised.

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